Digital smile design

DSD – Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is a new concept that enables virtual planning of a brand new smile with the help of several photos and special computer technology.

Advantages of DSD

Digital smile design as a new concept provides a unique opportunity to create a brilliant smile. The communication between the patient, doctor and the dental laboratory is constant throughout the entire process of creating a perfect smile.

What Does It Mean For the Patient?

The benefits for the patient are seen in the fact that through Digital Smile Design we determine and create the ideal size, shape and position of the tooth and it also helps us analyze the number of teeth needed to make the patient’s smile flawless. We listen to your wishes, fill in the gaps between the teeth and create the desired shape exactly as we agreed.

Through DSD, we get digital photos of your smile, teeth, as well as lines and facial expression through which we become familiar with the key parameters of your present smile. The whole concept is based on the thorough analysis of the patient’s facial and dental proportions. By doing so, we create the perfect virtual smile that later becomes reality!

The teeth are only a part of a splendid smile. Therefore, the goal of DSD is to find the perfect shape and size of the teeth that will completely match the patient’s emotions, smile, facial expression and personality. After taking photographs and analyzing the aesthetic disadvantages of the patient, the collected data is sent to the dental laboratory for further fabrication.

All work is based on minimally invasive prosthetic protocols and the individual approach in which we maximally preserve the patient’s teeth.