What is Implantology ?

Implantology is the science that deals with implant placement in the upper and / or lower jaw.

Dental Implant

The implant is an artificial dental root that is surgically placed into the jaw bone in order to replace the natural tooth. Implantology is the discipline of dental medicine that has had great success in the last fifty years thanks to the modern state-of- the-art technologies. At Smile Design Kovač Dental Clinic, modern and innovative technologies await you and consequently countless opportunities to enhance your smile in order to make it long-lasting and of great quality. The success of such a therapy ranges from 95 to 100 percent – making it one of the safest and most durable dental therapies.

Prosthetic possibilities with dental implants are:

  • Replacing a lost tooth

In the case of a missing tooth an implant is an ideal solution to avoid invasive filing of the adjacent natural teeth. Such an implant is a long-term and quality solution with regard to the so-called “classic bridge”.

  • Lack of several teeth in the form of a bridge

Considering the number of the missing teeth, two or more implants are placed in order to make a dental bridge over the toothless region, compared to an alternative such as dentures. In such cases, bridges on the implants are made, which are actually a great substitute for your natural teeth. This way the mobile denture is avoided and most importantly – your teeth are preserved.

  • Loss of all teeth – complete lack of teeth

In the case of a complete toothlessness, the lost teeth are replaced by a fixed bridge or denture attached to the implants.

All – on – 4 system

The All-on- 4 system is the revolutionary concept by the company Nobel Biocare that allows a complete toothlessness to be treated with only four implants. The patient also gets teeth replacement on the same day. Such a concept is suitable for patients whose back jaw bones are not developed enough for a classic implant insertion. At Smile Design Kovač, we provide our patients with fixed rehabilitation and after three months of healing a long-lasting and effective work.

Hybrid Denture

This type of denture is a suitable solution for patients who have excessive bone loss or the bone is greatly reduced. Fixed rehabilitation is in such conditions impossible. Therefore, in this case, our team makes a hybrid denture, whose foundation are the four implants that are placed in the front region and thus stabilize the prosthetic work. Strength, efficiency and longevity characterize this type of denture.

Dental Implants

Our practice uses the premium implants by Nobel Biocare exclusively. One of the main reasons for using such a system is the lifetime guarantee of the implant itself as well as countless prosthetic options. Moreover, the success of implant acceptance is 96%!


Abutment is a prosthetic part that allows the attachment of the crown directly onto the implant. The materials of which the abutment is fabricated are titanium and zirconium. Our team of experts recommends zirconia abutment exclusively due to better aesthetics and the possibility to work with the non-metallic crowns.