Oral Surgery

What Is Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery is the science that deals with various surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Surgery procedures include:

    • Extraction of partially grown or ungrown teeth
    • The extraction of teeth that cannot be restored in any way
    • Extraction of the wisdom teeth
    • Apicotomy procedures
    • Tooth root extraction
    • Cutting root tips due to cystic formations
    • Preprosthetic preparation of mucous membrane and bones by the procedures on the sinuses and various mucosa and bone replacement techniques in order to place the dental implant.

It is important to emphasize that the extracted tooth should be replaced by a dental implant or a dental bridge as soon as possible since the adjacent teeth could move into the empty space, which can also cause the tooth disorder, bad bite and damage to the masticatory system.

Modern Dentistry

All the surgery procedures are performed in local anesthesia and are completely painless. Modern dentistry allows us to rescue the tooth if timely and appropriate treatment is applied.

The X-rays are used as the main diagnostic tool in oral surgery, and nowadays, as a more contemporary and precise method, a CT scan is used, which shows in three dimensions all the relevant parameters required in oral surgery.