Teeth whitening

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process by which a lighter shade of teeth is achieved by using certain chemical substances.

Teeth Whitening Methods

There are two types of teeth whitening:

  • Internal teeth whitening
  • External teeth whitening

Internal whitening refers to the teeth that had previously been treated endodontically, i.e. nerve-free teeth, whose color has been altered and need their naturalness restored. In other words, the negative effect of inadequate treatment has to be neutralised. For that puropse, carbamide peroxide is applied within the tooth for several days, and the therapy is repeated two to three times.

External Whitening – There are three methods of external bleaching:

The first method is to use ready-made products at home. However, their effect is questionable and they are not recommended as a safe and effective teeth whitening method.

The second method is done at the dental practice where firstly the jaw impression is taken and a customised transparent shield is created within which hydrogen peroxide is placed. The patient carries it for two weeks, every day, for two to three hours a day.

The third method is a method that is also done at the office, where 39% hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth (with the previous protection of gums and free tooth necks). This procedure requires two appointments of 20 minutes.

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Teeth Whitening Effect Last?

The effect of teeth whitening depends on individual nutritional habits and the maintenance of oral hygiene. The consumption of spicy food, carbonated beverages, coffee and tea has a negative effect on bleached teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful To Your Teeth?

Definitely not. It is a safe and scientifically proven process without any negative effects on the tooth enamel, provided that the certified products by the established manufacturers are used. It is important to emphasize that before teeth whitening all teeth must be cleaned and all cavities have to be fixed because otherwise teeth whitening can have a negative effect on the tooth in the form of hypersensitivity and pain. One of the possible side effects that may occur after teeth whitening is slight sensitivity to cold but it disappears after a few days.